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At Indulgence Therapeutic Massage, ‘This Hour Has Sixty Minutes’

When you go for a one-hour massage, are you getting the full 60 minutes that you are paying for? This is one thing to consider when choosing where you will go to receive your massage therapy. When you book a one-hour massage at Indulgence Therapeutic Massage, you can be assured that, you will receive a sixty-minute massage.

Indulgence Therapeutic Massage asks that their clients arrive a few minutes early for their appointments, especially the first time, as there is a short health questionnaire to complete. After the client is welcomed to their massage room, the massage therapist will have a short consult with the client to find out if there are specific needs to address on this particular visit. Following this, the sweet hour of rejuvenation begins; a full, sixty-minute massage from the minute that the therapist begins the actual massaging.

At Indulgence, a client who arrives, and is ready for their appointment on time (or early :) ) will never receive less than the full time frame for the massage treatment they have booked. They will not lose 5 minutes during the pre-massage consult, nor will they lose 5 minutes while sheets are changed. The treatment will not be shortened if a preceding client has gone beyond their own time. The client at Indulgence Massage will receive the full time of their appointment, which is, as it should be.

Indulgence Massage staff are ever mindful that each client should receive the best possible treatment every time. Clients are never rushed out of the therapy room in order to make way for the next person, because appointments at Indulgence Massage are always booked with a generous time cushion in between each client.

Indulgence Massage therapists observe this simple dictum; ‘the care of the client comes first’. The staff is careful to make note of massage start times to ensure that the client receives their full scheduled treatment, and if on occasion, they are in doubt of the precise start time, they are always sure to give an extra few minutes of care, rather than less.

So, when you book your next massage treatment at Indulgence Therapeutic Massage in South Edmonton, enjoy!

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