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Three Tips For Clients - Get The Most Out Of Your Massage Treatments

This article is all about how you can get the most benefit out of your massage therapy. There are three simple ways that you can really ramp up the effectiveness of your massage treatments every time.

Tip #1 – Arrive Early - Get to your massage appointment early whenever possible.

Most of us have experienced being late for something at least once in our lives. For many of us being late brings feelings of tension and agitation. Arriving rushed or late can really elevate stress levels.

On the other hand, picture this scenario; you have arrived 5-10 minutes early for your appointment. You arrive feeling relaxed and calm, you have an opportunity to use the restroom and while you wait you can take some nice relaxing breaths and have a sip of water. Fantastic! You will begin your treatment in a relaxed state.

Tip #2Avoid Conversation – Benefit from the freedom and stillness of not conversing during your massage.

Before your treatment begins, your RMT will speak with you briefly about your progress since your previous treatment and any areas of concern today that need to be addressed.

Most importantly, your massage therapist will encourage you to express yourself if you would like more or less pressure in some areas during the course of the massage and, if you experience any pain or discomfort during the treatment.

Except for the type of communication outlined above, your RMT will not be chatting or conversing with you during your treatment. There are four important reasons for this.

1. It is possible that the sound of a conversation in one treatment room will be heard in another treatment room and disturb the experience of another massage recipient. 2. Not conversing will ensure that your massage therapist is focusing completely on providing the best possible treatment. 3. Absence of talking will allow your mind to be still and at peace and this will improve the effectiveness of the treatment. 4. Talking affects your breathing which results in lack of oxygen in the body and tensing of the muscles.

Which brings us to the third tip…

Tip #3 – Breathe – There are significant health benefits of deep, even breathing.

Once the massage has begun, this is a very powerful and simple thing that you can do to at least triple or quadruple the effectiveness of your treatment.


Breathing Tips:

* Your belly should fill and your chest should move very little. The goal here is proper breathing using the diaphragm as opposed to shallow breathing filling only the chest. Remember, fill the belly; the chest should not rise. * Exhale through your mouth slowly, gently and completely. Oxygenation occurs on the exhale.

In summary: Do these three simple things and you will really be getting the most out of your massage treatments.

Arrive Early Avoid conversation and chit chat Breathe

To conclude, enjoy the peace and quiet of your massage therapy. It is a respite from the all the sound and busyness that dominates the modern world.

Enjoy your massage – it is your time for you.


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