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We Are Indulgence Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage Treatment

As many of our clients now know, we have recently transitioned our business focus from therapeutic massage and esthetics, to therapeutic massage only. Our new business name is Indulgence Therapeutic Massage.

In The Beginning

Some of our regular clientele have expressed curiosity about why we made this change. We were formerly known as Indulgence Massage and Esthetics and have been serving a loyal client base from our location on Woodvale Road in South Edmonton for 7 years. We opened our business on March 21, 2010. We had one part-time esthetician and Kyra and Loan did all the massages. Loan also provided some esthetic services. Our business developed and by the 2nd and 3rd year of operation, Loan was doing massages full time and we had a full time receptionist.

Our Growth

Our client base has grown and over the last 3 years it became apparent that we had to make some decisions about where the business would go from here. We either needed to expand to accommodate the space requirements for esthetics – which likely would have meant relocating. Instead, we decided to refocus the business entirely towards therapeutic massage and utilize the esthetics space for that purpose.

Indulgence Therapeutic Massage Today

Indulgence Therapeutic Massage currently has ten Registered Massage Therapists; Anum, Cassandra, Claudia, Francia, Jennifer, Josephine, Leticia, Naomi and Shawn (male) & Yamilek, Loan focuses her efforts on administration and management.

Loan would like to express her deep thanks to all her customers – those who have recently discovered Indulgence Therapeutic Massage and deep heartfelt gratitude to those who have been loyal clients since the very beginning. She looks forward to the pleasure of continuing to provide you with the best in therapeutic massage for years to come.


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