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Why Are We Called Indulgence Therapeutic Massage?

One question we have often been asked over the years is, how did you come to choose your name? It is a good question; how many people have questioned why Apple Computer came to choose Apple over Plum for example? Or, how did the Fab Four decide upon The Beatles for a name? It is interesting and naming something (like your business) is an important decision.

We all know that therapeutic massage is not an 'indulgence' but rather it is a very effective health care modality that has become essential to many people’s injury prevention, injury treatment and health maintenance strategy. The question of why then did Loan, the owner, think of the word 'indulgence' for something that is clearly not a mere indulgence? The answer to that question lies in the history and evolution of this thriving local business.

Our Origin Story

Loan started a small business out of her home providing manicures and pedicures. She named the business Indulgence Hand and Foot Care. It did not take long for her to realize that there was a need for more specialized foot care services that could deal with foot problems such as in-grown toenails, toenail fungus issues and even more specialized treatments in diabetic foot care. So, with her usual energy and commitment, Loan attended courses in advanced foot care from the North American School of Podology.

After two years, Loan moved into her business location at 313 Woodvale Road and into a new name, Indulgence Massage and Esthetics where she continued to offer manicures, pedicures, advanced foot care, and with the addition of waxing, facials and therapeutic massage.

As Our Business Evolved

In time, massage services became more in demand. To make more space available for massage treatments, Loan phased out first the foot care services, and then the esthetics component of the business and focused exclusively on therapeutic massage. With that decision came an adjustment to the business name and that is how the name evolved to Indulgence Therapeutic Massage.

We can see now that in the very beginning when Indulgence was a manicure and pedicure service and prior to the addition of advanced foot care, the name Indulgence was consistent with the services being provided since getting a mani/pedi can easily be considered a pleasing indulgence.

By the time that Loan shifted to exclusive focus on therapeutic massage, her business name 'Indulgence' was known both in the community, and by her devoted regular clientele. A change in name at that point would likely have caused some needless confusion. Thus, while therapeutic massage is certainly not an indulgence, our origin story has played its role and that said, we are happy to remain Indulgence Therapeutic Massage.


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